Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Polis is What?

Atlas, the Titan

The title is “Polis Is This”
I say Polis Is What?
What is it that makes this
title interesting?
It is the words, Polis Is This
I do not know what Polis is
Polis is Athens, Sparta, Thebes
But is Polis what it is
What is this Polis, Polis is…
What? I can’t quite figure it out
An ancient greek metropolis,
That was filled with or without
Or body of citizens? Polis is inside and out
Eyes and ears, lungs and hearts
Mind and brain, Polis sees that
So Polis Is That, the city’s beating heart
or this?
The Polis itself, is heart
So, Polis Is This
Not Polis Is That,
I spread my arms like open wings, this
This Is Polis...

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Son N6 said... of the poem's I've written. This poem came directly from my confused mind at the time it was written. It meant a lot, and also asked a lot. When learning about Charles Olson, I couldn't find anything truly interesting except his views to always progress through life and never looking back. I am almost the same way, with no regrets and always on the go. When I wasn't able to write about life, I also didn't find anything else interesting. So I decided to look at the cover and had been thinking about what the title might have meant, "Polis Is This," although I didn't know what it meant, it interested me. I came home and googled it, and found many writings about what Polis was and is. Then after learning all these information and with still a little confusion, I managed to write a poem that also interested Mr. G.